I will say what needs to be said

not what you want to hear!

Throughout my two decades of experience, I acquired a wealth of knowledge and expertise that has equipped me with the know-how to guide you in your journey no matter the destination. I  will center your experience and teach you how to unlock your potential to reach an end of success and life happiness.

What can I


One-on-one coaching is centered around helping you create change  by improving your skillset and capabilities to achieve your vision.

The training is tailored to your specific situation, wants and needs, you will receive individualized support when faced with challenges and learn how to identify and tackle the hurdles in the way of you living your optimal life.


The Personal Touch

To give my clients the attention they desire I only have a total of seven one on one clients. 

I currently  have 2 open spots. We work together for a minimum of 6 months
to make lasting change for your quality of life and business growth.

I have worked 1-on-1 with multiple types of Entrepreneurs and Business from Restaurants, Physical Therapy Clinics, Commercial and Residential Real Estate, Technology, Insurance, Financial, Manufacturing, Business Coaches, Professional Athletes, Executives and CEO’S.

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    Luke’s been both approachable and relatable, and he's helped guide me through challenging business opportunities to understand and navigate risk.

    Shawn Keeper

    Founder and CEO of Dunsire Developments Inc.

    Luke is world class, has unending energy and leads with his heart so I leaped at the chance of getting regular coaching from him. He has this gift of taking your perspective and shifting it a couple of degrees so you can see things you couldn’t see before.

    Steven J Levy


    Luke is someone who will not only help you get the results you need, but he cares about who you are and where you want to go.

    Coach Dar

    Luke truly cares for his clients. He was able to keep me accountable in ways that no other coach was able to instill a confidence in me that I didn't know how to access.

    Donny Starkins