Being Certain During Uncertain Times

Life is a journey full of uncertainty. Throughout the way, life will throw curveballs at you, and you’ll face happy moments and sad ones. With all the uncertainty around, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and intimidated by all that’s going on. When you’re feeling overwhelmed and life becomes a struggle for you, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone; everyone passes in such situations. While uncertainty can’t be avoided being a part of life, you can still take the lead of your feelings and feel more certain during hard times. 

Uncertainty is inundating and can cause fear, worry, and stress. The more you feel out of control, the more you feed these worries and anxiety. However,  you can follow certain steps which can help you have a clearer mind, regain your self-confidence, alleviate your anxiety, and face the unknown with more certainty regardless of the crisis. 


“Embrace the unknown; let your life surprise you.”


There are four foundational questions you need to ask yourself to remove uncertainty from your life and keep moving forward. 

  • Who Are You?

It’s important to ask yourself every day, “Who am I?” When you wake up in the morning, remind yourself of who you are. Tell yourself things like, “I am passionate”, “I am a gladiator”, “I am blessed”. Never allow yourself to forget who you are, and what you decide to be. 


  • What Are You About?

Another important question to ask yourself is, “What am I about personally?” 

Is it that you love helping others? 

What are your points of strength which define your actions in life? 

To be able to answer this question, you should be aware of the things that you’re great at and enjoy doing.


  • What Is Your Vision?

Without a vision, people perish. To help identify your vision in life, think about things that excite you. What gets you up in the morning? The things that excite you help you identify your vision and where you aim to be in the future. Not only do you need to have a vision, but you need to keep yourself reminded of this vision and even share it with people around you.


  • Why Are You Who You Are?

Lastly, it’s important to understand why you are the person you are. As much as this question might seem confusing, it helps you determine why your vision is important to you. Ask yourself questions such as, “Why am I excited about this vision?” You need to share with yourself every day and remind yourself of why you’ve first started. 


By answering these questions, not only do you bring more certainty and confidence to your life, but to your family and business as well. If you aim to become stronger in life, you need to be more certain. When you constantly remind yourself of these four foundational keys, you’ll grow more confident and be able to stand up against any challenges or tense circumstances. 


After you acknowledge the fact that struggles are meant to help shape your identity and make you who you are, you’re able to view hardships as passive phases which won’t last no matter how intense they are. Struggles teach you life’s biggest lessons. Even though you can’t control what happens around you, you can always be in charge of your attitude, mindset, perspective, and values. By managing fear and overcoming it, you can build your self-confidence and face struggles. The more solid the foundation, the stronger you’ll stand-in. And always remember, no matter what’s going on in your life and the world, you don’t have to live in fear.


 “When you can’t control what’s happening around you, challenge yourself to control the way you respond. That’s where your power is.”


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