Luke Wren grew up in a small town of just 350 people in Minnesota. Luke attributes his work ethic to his mid-west values.  He remembers his 1st job mowing lawns at the age of 7.  

His passion for health was ingrained into him after experiencing his grandfather’s long battle with lung cancer that lead to him passing away when Luke was just 7 years old.  His Grandfather Charles said,”If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.”  That stuck with Luke & still does today.

Luke’s self-development journey began when he discovered Tony Robbins cassettes (Personal Power) at the age of 17 which sparked his journey into self development & coaching. He started by training local businesses in the community about health, energy and productivity.


Top International Businesses Coach, Keynote Speaker and the founder of The Rhythm Nation with over 20 years of experience.

Luke started his career building a chain of health clubs in the USA which lead to a multi million dollar exit. He has gone on to coach CEOs, best-selling authors and high level entrepreneurs to help them scale their business, and live their life to the fullest using his wheel of life method.

Luke has spoken at over 60 Tony Robbins events including Business Mastery, Life, Wealth Mastery, Date with Destiny and Platinum Partner events.

He is also a 4x all American collegiate wrestler. 

Luke truly cares for his clients. He was able to keep me accountable in ways that no other coach was able to instill



Luke is completely authentic and driven by connection and love. He’s also got a high energy which I’ve been able to incorporate into my daily routine.

Tal Sarid

Digital Growth Consultant & Life Performance Coach

Luke’s been both approachable and relatable, and he's helped guide me through challenging business opportunities to understand and navigate risk.

Shawn Keeper

Founder and CEO of Dunsire Developments Inc.

Luke is world class, has unending energy and leads with his heart so I leaped at the chance of getting regular coaching from him. He has this gift of taking your perspective and shifting it a couple of degrees so you can see things you couldn’t see before.

Steven J Levy


Luke is someone who will not only help you get the results you need, but he cares about who you are and where you want to go.

Coach Dar